Custom Manufactured  Concession Trailers and Food Trucks
We offer competitive prices on Concession Trailers. All equipment and features can be modified to meet your needs.
All the concession trailers and trucks are build with the specific codes for california .
Be carefull when you buy from other states,
codes are different from other states
and  it will result on making changes and upgrades that will cost you more money.
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we have fainancing availiable
2018 Models
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                    When you purchase a new trailer or food truck or renew your existing one ,
                                                   We do all the paper work for you.
1-We research for limitations and requirements for your county health enviroment department.
2-We made the blue prints according to the codes  to your local county.

3-We inspect,test and  record all the building prosses from the start date to complete finish date for quality control
4-We do inspection from HCD insignia certificate
graphics wrap availiable
Concession Trailer 14 x 8 ft
Trailer 14 x 8 ft
Concession Trailer 14 x 8 ft